Tavis Smiley or how niche strategies makes me smile

Written on December 12, 2007 by Guillermo de Haro in Uncategorized

He has 43 years and a holding company with books, seminars, TV programs and broadcasting. Ony 600.000 viewers for his TV, but enough to make him happy, profitable and on the road.
I read on the USA Today of this Monday about Tavis Smiley and his corporation. Focused on the market of black people on mid-low social layers in Los Angeles, and after a bad experience with a broadcasting company, Tavis created his group as a One-Man-Band. He have TV programs broadcasted by himself via renting for 10 million dolars the airtime. He wants to own and control everything to be able to distribute the content he wants. His audience is around 600.000 viewers, this not making him millonare, but helping him have 550.000 listeners on his radio show from his radio company. He also sell books, up to 900.000 copies of the 13 books published by his publishing company. And of course, he is on seminars.
Personal brand management is going to be a nice discipline for the future. YouTube can make you famous in 15 minutes, the same time it will take to forget about you. Big production, broadcasting and media groups have economies of scale that help them buy and create the best content, and we will always like to watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or ‘Indiana Jones’. But niche markets like the one Tavis is playing at, are important, profitable, and many times forgotten.
Talent is the key in this market. Business and show talent, of course.


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