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Written on April 6, 2008 by Guillermo de Haro in Uncategorized

Bad news today for the two times world champion of F1. The car is not good enough to fight most of the teams and he finished in the tenth position. Regardless that Fernando is making an interesting strategy to improve his brand awareness. He is looking for a fan to become his PR manager during the rest of the season.
Promoted by ING, a company that has made a lot of good results out of good managed communication. If you want to know more we made a case study on the first years of ING-Direct in Spain, a fantastic analysis on their model who make them lead the banking market in many areas.
The “profesional fan” proposal is interesting in many ways. First of all, is pure web 2.0 thinking. We are not going to look for a profesional, but for someone who has the feeling of the fans because is one of them. For sure we want some technical knowledge, he or she must know about F1, speak english, and is positively to send a video curriculum. Because what is more important is that the candidate has experience with new media and Internet in order to contact with the fans worlwide. He is asked about his experience with Facebook, Flicker and Blogs. Another interesting reason is that Alonso already has a fantastic PR, who is Flavio Briatore. The former General Manager of Benetton is known for his skills negotiating, his “Billonaire” restaurant, and his playboy manners that have make him go out with Naomi Campbell for example. With such a PR on board anyone could think that an amateur is not needed. Well, sorry, a “profesional fan”.
This can be competitive advantage, mainly when this season the objectives of Alonso are not to be champion again, thus keeping the interest of the fans up, waiting for a better 2009 season. The world champ of FIA is a business where promotion, sponsorship and media exposure are quite high worldwide. The most important brands are there, and a lot of important business are made in the Paddock during every race. Like many other talented sportmen, the pilots have personal sponsors that can cover their participation, or just pay them to have their image associated to the brand. In this context a move like this can improve the value of Fernando Alonso during a year where his results are not going to be a reason to be in the front page of the papers. Nevertheless this professional fan can help use Internet and new media to keep Fernando Alonso brand very high via other ways.
I always like innovative ways to compete, mainly because differentiation is, in my opinion, the most interesting and difficult way of competing in any market, thus the most profitable not only in monetary terms but in personal satisfaction. And this move made by Fernando Alonso, purely on the basis of Web 2.0, is a demonstration that he has always been “different”. First Spanish champion of F1, younger champion, direct in his declarations, fair and honest, and from the beginning close to the fans that support him as he has stated and demonstrated many times.
Good luck Champion!


Valdez Brooks April 14, 2008 - 8:02 pm

Hello there. This sounds very intriguing. I need to know if it’s an oppurtunity open to Spanish citizens exclusivley though. I have checked out the link at http://www.aficionadoprofesional.com/ and the ad on http://www.ingdirect.es/html/homeizq.asp?ct=1 as well and there are no English links. I fear I’m losing the essence of the instructions in my transalation.

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